Jigsaw Puzzles


About "The Star" & "Temperance" Jigsaw Puzzles

 Delivered in the coldest time of year, these jigsaw puzzles make a great way to entertain yourself with friends and family as you gather around the table. Or take some me-time and solve the puzzle by yourself, wrapped in a snug blanket and relaxing with a hot beverage by your side. 

Once solved, puzzles can be permanently secured using adhesive sheets and framed and hung on a wall like a painting, allowing you to enjoy the detailed illustrations all year round and share them with your guests.

The Star and Temperance were created for a tarot deck, which is still in ongoing development. They are uniquely suited to be used for large jigsaw puzzles, as the high degree of detail can be appreciated in every tile. 

The tiles are expertly designed and produced by a renowned German board game manufacturer, guaranteeing quality, robustness and a smooth puzzle solving experience.

The collected funds will cover processing & manufacturing costs. A small percentage also goes towards completion of the tarot deck and our game in development called NOWHERE.  

Puzzle Details

  • 1000 jigsaw puzzle tiles.
  • The assembled artwork is approximately 700 x 500 mm in size.
  • 120 g Chromopaper on 1.155 g, laminated puzzle cardboard.
  • Ships in a sturdy slip lid box approximately 373 x 273 x 55 mm in size.
  • Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity.